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Hello! This music pack is amazing! :D Great job and  I love sci-fi and those games that you mentioned! ^_^ btw, I'm currently developing a sci-fi commercial RPG, and I thought to ask your permission if you would be fine if I use some of these songs in a commercial game? Thanks so much! :D

This is the project I am currently working with btw:

Hi Starmage. Thanks for your kind words. Yeap you can use them in your commercial game. If you can, credit me for the music. music by panos koutselinis ( Also please keep me posted about your game. 

Thank you so much pdkmusic! ^_^ :D I would be happy to give you the credit for these wonderful tracks! ^_^ :) I'll let you know when I finish my game finally. :D Thanks so much once again! Keep up the great work! ^_^ 

Looking forward to play the final version!

Thank you so much! I am looking forward to finishing it too! XD :D